Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Supreme Commander ordered to Xbox 360

Last month, Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor let slip in an interview that he was bringing his PC real-time strategy game Supreme Commander to consoles. THQ was mum on the subject at the time, for reasons made clear today.

Supreme Commander has indeed been announced for the Xbox 360 this morning. However, the company confirming the fact is not THQ, but Austin-based publisher Aspyr Media. Aspyr has teamed up with upstart British Columbia-based studio Hellbent Games to bring Supreme Commander to Microsoft's console. This will be the publisher's first game for the Xbox 360.

Beyond simply adapting the PC game's interface to work with a standard controller, Hellbent and Aspyr are adding exclusive new units, additional multiplayer modes, and tweaked maps. Naturally, players will be able to test their strategic aptitude against one another over Xbox Live.

For more on what Hellbent and Aspyr are working from, check out GameSpot's full review of the PC original.

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